Have you ever been to space? No, and you still believe the pictures of astronauts who went.

Why not give Kat a chance, she has been taken to heaven for over 10 years and have taken pictures.

At least try. What if your wrong, your risking going to hell. God do not want people to go to hell.

God will not allow sin into heaven.. If you don't accept Jesus, you will not be cleansed with the blood of Jesus and you will spend eternity in hell.


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Katt View Of Approaching Heaven

Katt View Of Approaching Heaven

A wirlwind appearance of Holy Spirit

A wirlwind appearance of Holy Spirit

Angel Holding Goblet

Angel Holding Goblet

Bottom of Crystal Sea in Heaven

Bottom of Crystal Sea in Heaven

Rainbow Bridges in Heaven

Rainbow Bridges in Heaven

Food, Bill Help, Basket for Thaksgiving, Toys for Christmas & more- Antelope Valley

1. Saves- (661) 267-5191 weekly baskets, clothes, christmas baskets and toys, thanksgiving baskets (Sign up usually around october a week apart call to double check I missed the signup one year and had to eat a frozen marie callenders turkey meal you dont wanna do that) and birthday baskets for children.
2. Grace Resources Center- (661) 940-5272 shelter and food.
3. Heap- 1-800-906-4651 for help with bill once a year.
3. Salvation Army- (661) 948-3418 for help with bill once a year.

Awesome Websites & Videos

1. teamjesuspreachers on youtube.
2. katkerr.com The Revelator on youtube.
3. http://firepowerministry.org/ prayer points and videos.
4. Christian counselor and deliverance from mental illnesses:hardcorechristianity.com and house of healing on youtube.
5. Declarations: Prayer Tank: http://www.divinerevelations.info/tank/
6. livingwaters.com and on youtube.
7. video on youtube called Gods love letter.
8. revival.com/rtn- eternal church.
9. divinerevelations.info Awesome website.
10. Video on Youtube: How Satan Stops Our Prayers!
11. Online Information Island: Infois.blogspot.com- to sign up for updates to this flyer and blog.
12. Declarations: http://www.gedeonchampion.com/
13. Advanced tactics of spiritual warfare on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWubMIeKPBo
14. Robert Henderson on youtube
15. Ian and Grant Moheney on Youtube

Awesome Prayer & Church Formations or Gatherings

1. 24/7 live prayer and worship-ihopkc.org/prayerroom
2. Holy fire impartations in person 8611 Roland St. unit #f Buena Park, CA 90621 M- F: 9pm Sun: 11am/ by phone download KaKao talk and look for Kakao group.
3. johnramirez.org click prayer
4. 712-432-0075 access code 835555# replay: 712-432-1085 code 835555# nightly pct 9pm 365 days of the year. Declaration style prayer most of the time.
5. 24/7 prayer line-1-918-495-7777
6. prayer or questions about this blog or flyer email: 192eternity@gmail.com
7. contactoqi@revealingheaven.com
8. Prayingmedic,com
9. prayer@roberthenderson.org
10. info@sonofthunder.org.nz
11. admin@moed-ministries
12. http://www.tedshuttlesworth.com/
13. revival.com/rtn live service on webstream: Sun 10am & 4pm pst and wed 4pm pst. They have 24/7 prayerroom too.
14. Fathersheartministry.net
15. Abidesinrest@msn.com
16. Pearl@rebirthofafrica.org
17. Zionministries1@sbcglobal.net
16. Carol@timsheets.org
17. Sonstudios@yahoo.com
18. Info@riverofblessingsinternationalministries.org

Prayer Partners On Skype!

1. Praying Medic

Good Books

1. Holy Bible bible gateway has free audio online
2. pigs in the parlor- Frank and IDA Mae Hammond
3. John Ramirez- Out of the devils Cauldron also videos on youtube
4. John Ramirez- Unmasking the devil
5. baptized by blazing fire by Yong Doo Kim 1-6 audio and written free version divinerevelations.info
6. Operating in the Courts of Heaven by Robert Henderson
7. Revealing Heaven by Kat Kerr
8. Gazing Into Glory by Bruce Allen
9. Repentance by Natasha Grbich
10. Silencing The Accuser Restoration of your Birthright by Jacqueline & Daniel Henselman.

Shelter For Veterans- Los Angeles County

1. West LA VA mental health building- (310)-478-3711
sign up for VASH program Section 8 between certain hours.
2. Catalyst- (661) 940-5272 44748 1/2 elm ave, Lancaster. CA 93535. help with couple months of rent if homeless Vash deposits, and bills. (benefits can vary due to budget).

Spiritual Prayer Points

1. Lord, I forgive, forgive me, I give us back to you. I receive you as my savior and spiritual king, please wash and cleanse us with the blood of Jesus.

2. Lord, I quanton entangle with Jesus and now I step through Jesus into your courts of heaven. I bring my faith to trade for substance hope for, which is the currency of heaven. I give only you father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit access to my body. I shake off all fear.

3. Sorry for doing things that hurt you, I didn't mean it that way. I repent for me, my loved ones and our bloodline sins back to Adam. Sorry for being offended, having bad feelings about people and self disgust. Sorry when we get prideful, think we something special, have iniquity in us, exalt our self above you, trying to control you, sorry for touching your glory.

Read Repentance Cleansing your Bloodline by Natasha Grbich. Read Silencing the Accuser Restoration of your Birthright by Jacqueline & Daniel Henselman. Read www.wogim.org/sinlist.htm. Restore our birthright and cleanse our bloodline. I stop bashing and trashing. Thank you for a holy highway. Restore river of life, destroy cess pools. Guide us away from sin.

4. I declare and receive all 58 blessings. I am free from transgression. I release the anointing that breaks the darkness in us double into my loved ones. We feel wonderful. Our sins is under the blood. We will not back slide in our heart. We serve you faithfully. We maintain our breakthrough. Our faith is steadfast. We maintain our, peace, love, joy, and joyful heart. I will give my tithes and offering to reap blessing. I receive patience. Our prayers are on fire. We will not fall away and become spiritual failures. Our heart is right toward you. We have genuine faith. We repent sincerly. Thank you for rubbing our back while listening to us kindly. We maintain true transformation. We are clean and follow Jesus. We will not touch your glory. We are fully equipped. Move on us not move us out. We adapt to heaven. Revelation brings life. We carry waves and waves of love and holiness. I declare 100 things you said about healing see www.tonycooke.org/articles-by-others/100faithverses/. I receive healing, strength, energy, armor, emotional healing, unhindered creativity, joy. I trade my

ways, organs, and blood for yours. Thank you for the glory clouds we glow with the glory of God. I receive restoration. I receive the natural ability to put people at ease and be a friend flows through us. We operate under open heaven and glory clouds. We are whole and saved. We rule over sin. The enemy fail like lighting from our lives. Every direction of our heart is holy. Our ways are holy. Me and our loved ones are healthy and safe. We are saturated

with your presence. I receive double weapons, grace, passion power, holy spirit water and glory clouds in our room. We are a blazing fire. God brings victory with a mighty hand. We connect and stay connected to you God.

I receive double restoration, garden of Eden in this place, pure heart, genuine spirit, thankfulness, forgiveness, purity, sanctification, discernment, freedom from sin, my scroll of testimony, good placement, content in Godliness, spirit of prayer, strength, activation in the miracoulus, tangible healing, manifestation of holy spirit, supernatural faith, boldness and courage. We are without spot and blemish. Our sins are under the blood. see www.divinerevelations.info/tankgo/ for more declaration prayer.

5. I rebuke and kick millions and 194 types of demons in the name of Jesus. I kick you out of our body and stuff. I loose sin, darkness, soul-ties, all things, person, place, and thing of the enemy from all layers of me and my loved ones soul, gates, concise, and will and I receive it all sanctified. Go, go, go, get out now. I call back all parts of my soul, come back now. I bind

to my soul, Gods double perfect peace, love, joy. I receive all good things from you bonded to our soul. I put on my crown to rule and reign with Jesus the king of spiritual kings as a son. I take power over the power of the enemy. I release the host of heaven to pull down strongholds. Keep sin away from our door, build prisons to hold demonic forces, burn all DNA on demonic

alters and everything the enemy has of ours that is being used against us in witchcraft hands, push back darkness, destroy platforms, strip there strength, armor, rank, banners, resources, detain, torture and put in cage the demonic force so they never get out again, communication, demonic footprints and destroy blankets of darkness, destroy witchcraft in the four corners of me and loved ones neighborhood, apply the blood of Jesus, clean this place, release atmosphere of heaven, cover us from the evil spiritual storm, set up barricades of fire around us, this

property and win every round with astro traveler. Read Unmasking The Devil by John Ramirez. I rebuke the ones planning attacks against us, following us, I rebuke surveillance demons, I rebuke lust of sin demons, I rebuke there seeds sown last night, I rebuke the ones that use our body to masturbate, watch porn, I rebuke the special forces one that wait and watch, there corrupt ways,

curses, spells, there points of sacrifice, strengthening themselves through people sinning around us, the small prickling spider, the one speaking to us, the vomit from movies, the ones on the building, the ones in our body, our things, through TV, video games, the ones that ride next to our car, the ones far away, there accusations, legal rights,

rights the false angels of light, the distraction ones, the ones that influence events to draw out our sexual passion, the ones that dig for our weaknesses, the ones that work with the astro traveler and the astro travelor, and there condemnation of my past. I send a storm to the demons that surveillance us, following us, beating us up with words. Read Unmasking The Devil by John Ramirez.

6. Father God I give you the legal right to help us, bless us. I ask for a peace bond, encounter with Jesus, and freedom from curse of shame, beat the demons out, and go to war for me and my loved ones purpose, destiny, ministry, spiritual journey, family and finances. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

7. I continue to declare all day. See www.divinerevelations.info/tankgo/ for a continuing of declarations all day, the next day and the next day, on and on. I put myself on repeat. I release the anointing double everywhere I go today. I will lay hand and release the anointing double today before I go into any building or car. I create an atmosphere of heaven by putting my heart and mind on Jesus, and heart attitude with our mouths as we apply the word of God and the blood of Jesus. Prepare me for preaching today to reach the lost and earn my soul winners crown. I step out in faith. etc...