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Prayer Points 1. Lord, Fill me with your grace. 2. Lord, wash me and cleanse me with the blood of Jesus. 3. Lord, bring your glory into me and my loved ones room. 4. Lord, I receive passion power. 5. Lord, I accept, quanton entagle and step through Jesus into your courts of heaven. 6. I repent for me and my loved ones sins, please forgive us, change us and set us free from sin. 7. I declare all 58 blessings, salvation and health over me and my loved ones. 8. I rebuke millions and 194 types of demons. 9. I take power over the power of the enemy. I release the host of heaven to pull down strongholds, push back darkness, destroy platforms and demonic footprints, destroy witchcraft in the four courners of me and loved ones neighborhood, cover of from the evil spiritual storm, set up barricades around us.